The MiG 21UM  equipped with R-13 engine. ( Image credit Raptor Aviation)

The MiG 21UM equipped with R-13 engine. ( Image credit Raptor Aviation)

Former Eastern block airplanes have been available on the market for quite few years now. We have typically seen L-29s, L-39s, Mig-17s however Mig 21s are  more difficult to find one the market, especially the UM version. The Mig 21 is the most built jet ever. Fast, small, agile dependable and above all simple, it could be turned out in prodigious numbers, and was. It flooded the skies above Europe, Asia, Africa, and even Central America with literally thousands of modern, deadly fighters. It has flown in more wars than any other airplane in the world. An estimated 10,000 (some sources state as much as 13,000 copies) of them have been produced by the Soviet Union, it’s allies and (without license) China.

Accordingly to the FAA registry there are 44 Mig 21 in the United States. Operators like Premier Space Systems out of Portland, Oregon deploys three Mig-21 UM to provide sub-orbital atmospheric space launch services for a variety of private and public customers.The Primary mission is to conduct atmospheric launches of nano and micro-payloads from high
performance aircraft and via rockets dedicated to this purpose. Initial operational capability will be for sub-orbital launches with the capacity for launches into low-earth orbit for payload weighing less than 45kg/100lbs to follow.

The cockpit of the Mig-21 painted with the typical green/blue color. ( Image Credit Raptor Aviation)

The cockpit of the Mig-21 painted with the typical green/blue color. ( Image Credit Raptor Aviation)

If you have $ 150,000 to spare you can buy this  particular Polish built 1980 Mig-21 R-13 engine which is the biggest of the power plants available for this aircraft.980 MiG 21UM. The serial number is SN 561999311, it was manufactured on 6/13/1980 ,TTSN 1449,599 TSOH.The airframe was overhauled on 7/23/89 , the last flight happened in August 2005 when the aircraft was still in military service with the Polish Air Force.

The engine produces 8,970 lbs thrust dry and 14,320 lbs thrust with after burner, it was manufactured 11/3/1979.
Another big operator of ex-soviet fighters is Soviet Jet Warbird Operations located in Delaware. the company offers pilot training, jet orientation, maintenance air show appearances  and works with the DoD as a sub-contractor. they operate L-29 Delphin, L-29 Albatross, Two Mig 23 Flogger and two Mig 21 Fishbed.

Here is a video of the company’s Mig 21 at take off.

However the largest operator of Mig-21 in the United States is Draken International,a provider of tactical fighter aircraft for contract air services including military and contract customers. Draken International with over 50 jets, Draken International operates the largest fleet of privately owned tactical aircraft in the world. The company operates 29 Mig-21s.

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  1. Fact-check your commentary about Draken. They may have imported a lot of Bisons, but those are post-moratorium jets and not one of them has an airworthiness certificate. Sharp folks, but those jets aren’t flying.

  2. kidu tsegay says:

    we need to buy , if you can please your actual price.
    also if have Mig-23 operational on you hand , we are happy to buy

  3. That was an awful landing.

  4. Mark robbins says:

    Hi I’m a retired ranger and pilot I’m interested in purchasing and learning to fly a big 21 or 17 RSVP my number is 321 278 4495 rsvp

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    I have a LODA for MIG 21 training in Texas 713 213 8454

  6. Please is this MiG still for sale ?

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