Military Renames Air Demonstration  To Overcome Budget Obstacles

Military Renames Air Demonstration To Overcome Budget Obstacles has learned, from a source who asked not to be named, that the US Military is considering making an appearance at the Reno Air Races in 2013 and Fleet Week by cleverly changing the way their flights will be characterized for budgetary purposes.

“We have heard rumors, coming directly from sources familiar with RARA, that during the air races US military jets will perform!” said Moreno “Mo” Aguiari, Owner of “According to a trusted source, the Military is overcoming the budget obstacles caused by the recent Congressional Sequester by reclassifying the ‘air demonstration’ that they usually engage in for the show as a series of ‘training maneuvers’ which are covered by a different segment of military funding.”

At this time, nobody knows exactly what the military planes will be doing or if the show will be substantially different as a training exercise than it would have been as an air demonstration, but flight fans around the world are eager to see the most technologically advanced air power on display once again regardless of how officials choose to categorize their involvement.

Warbirds News will continue to cover this developing story, so be sure to bookmark our site and check back often for any new developments. In the meantime, if you can make it to the Reno Air Show, it’s a flight plan worth creating now.

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  1. Rationalist says:

    Be sure to thank your local low information voter for helping to re-elect the guy responsible for these budget cuts.

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