Paratroopers exit a Douglas DC-3 C-47 Dakota Skytrain for a commorative jump over the D-day invasion landing zones in Normandy, France.

Paratroopers exit a Douglas DC-3 C-47 Dakota Skytrain for a commorative jump over the D-day invasion landing zones in Normandy, France.

The Jumps schedule for the much anticipated “Daks over Normandy” event is slowly materializing. For the first time since 1944 the skies over Normandy will be filled with Dakotas to drop paratroopers. Throughout Europe about 15 of these aircraft are still flying and for this very special occasion the plan is to bring them all together one last time,clcik HERE for our previous articles.The preliminary jumps schedule is now set for the following dates and locations:

4 June – 13.00 Hrs. – Carentan ( between Dead man’s Corner and Carentan )
5 June – 18.00 Hrs. – Utah Beach Museum
5 June – 21.00 Hrs. – Foucarville ( former German POW camp )
6 June – 19.30 Hrs. – Ste. Marie du Mont ( behind municipal sports grounds)
7 June – 14.00 Hrs. – Airship hangar Ecausseville
8 June – 13.00 Hrs. – la Fiere
8 June – 19.00 Hrs – St. Mère Eglise ( Town square )

Scenic Flights DaksFor tourists and spectators who will participate to the event, the organizers have arranged scenic flights for the 5th, 6th and 7th of June.The scenic flights in vintage Douglas DC-3 Dakota’s will take off from Cherbourg Airport, passengers will be able to admire the historic Normandy countryside from the sky. The flight toute will include flights over towns and places such as St. Mère Eglise, Carentan, Ste. Marie du Mont and the Utah invasion beaches.

For aviation photographers interested in air-to-air photography, the organizers will have a T-6 available as well as seats reserved on C-47’s that will drop the airborne troops. If you are a professional aviation photographer or cinematographer and have an interest in doing this, get in touch with the organizers at

Peter Braun,Daks over Normandy Project Director tells Warbirds News “At this moment we are still in search of one or more major contributors. As you all might understand for our endeavors we need a considerable amount of aviation fuel. Any donations can be made through our website and they are highly appreciated. For sponsors we have a number of great opportunities. One of them is a VIP flight over Normandy on a DC-3 with complementary champagne! And since we are a US registered 501c3 non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible.”

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  1. Alexandros LIOLIOS M.D says:

    l wonder if l have the time to join any of your drops in Normandy. l was born in 1944 and it means something to me.l have some 250 jumps(70 military static-the rest suares).Pls let me know details,if there is a chance to join.
    Take care
    Alexandros LIOLIOS M.D

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