A pair of T-6 Texans based with the CAF's Utah Wing which you may get to fly in the Units Air Cadet Fantasy Camp. (photo via CAF Utah Wing)

A pair of T-6 Texans based with the CAF’s Utah Wing which you may get to fly in the Units Air Cadet Fantasy Camp. (photo via CAF Utah Wing)

Have you ever wanted to have a taste of what it was like to be an air cadet during WWII? Well then, your dreams have been answered, as the Utah Wing of the Commemorative Air Force is offering a three-day, living history experience to immerse you in the world of a US pilot trainee as they prepared to take on the Axis Powers during WWII. You will even get to test your hand flying the Boeing PT-17/N2S Kaydet primary trainer and North American AT-6/SNJ Texan advanced trainer, with a suitable instructor of course.

As the Utah Wing’s leader, Steve Guenard recently stated, “The challenge was to create a program of ground school and flying that would be faithful to the experience of the men and women (Wasps) who became military pilots during that definitive era in our nations history. We believe we have done this within the restraints of our resources and our focus on safety. This program is for anyone with an interest in what the greatest generation did for us and our country. No prior flying experience is necessary. We hope our “cadets” will leave with an appreciation for what our forbears accomplished and with greater knowledge of that aspect of WWII, all presented in a way that makes for an exceptionally enjoyable “living history” experience.”
It certainly looks like a fascinating experience, and a grand opportunity for anyone interested in learning some of the skills required of these young men and women as they prepared to fly the warbirds of yore. The training sessions take place at historic Wendover Field, which was itself an air base in WWII. The schedule will look a little like this…Day 1
  0800 Basic Aerodynamics
  0900 Stearman Ground School
  1000 First flight preparation
  1100-1700 Stearman flyingDay 2
  0800 Aviation Weather Ground School
  0900 Aerobatic or Navigation Ground School
  1000-1700 Stearman FlyingDay 3
  0800 T-6 Ground School
  0900-1600 T-6 Flying; Formation, Air-to-Air Gunnery
  1700 Graduation Ceremony

For anyone wishing to learn more about this fascinating program, please click HERE for details.


More pictures of the Commemorative Air Force Utah Wings’ airplanes.


  1. Your site did not include the total cost of the camp. I am a writer (have a look at my website) and am interested in writing about the experience.

    I think magazines like Delta Sky as well as Air & Space Smithsonian might be interested in this.

    I fly a Stearman and work in a hangar in KLEX where we have a T-6, PT-19, PT-22, T-34 and L-4.

    Please contact me via email and let me know if you are interested.

  2. Bob Dalton says:

    How much is it for the 3 day course?

  3. Scott Dunkirk says:

    Hey guys drop me a line at sdunkirk@yahoo.com we are the instructors for the “Bomber fantasy camp” in Stockton Calif.

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