In honor of the 2014's 20th Anniversary NWOC, the organizers commissioned a new logo to replace the "Propellor O" design of years past.

In honor of the 2014’s 20th Anniversary NWOC, the organizers commissioned a new logo to replace the “Propellor O” design of years past.

Warbird operators participating in NWOC 2014 will have a unique opportunity to display their vintage aircraft as the Cavanaugh Flight Museum opens their ramp space to participants arriving in their Warbirds. Ramp space is provided at no charge.During Saturday’s NWOC reception/dinner at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, participants will be able to see and tour these aircraft along with the museum’s historic, Warbird inventory.

For other general aviation arrivals, Million Air Dallas, Addison’s premier fixed base operator, is offering parking and a $1 fuel discount to all NWOC participants. As a full service FBO, Million Air can provide rental cars (reservations requested) and aviation services.NWOC 2014’s host city, Dallas, already offers two major commercial airports, each with an airline hub, for participants arriving commercially. Accommodations are now available for General Aviation participants as well.

NWOC (National Warbird Operator Conference) is a unique educational conference offering programs to enhance pilot skill and knowledge, expand aircraft maintenance technician and restorer knowledge, develop awareness of medical and insurance facts, and address aircraft-specific topics to ensure continued flight for these unique historic aircraft.

For more information about NWOC, visit the website at or call +1.214.396.2227.

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