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Photo via Pete Macca

A VETERAN’ STORY: A Progeny of Aviators

By Pete Mecca. Arranging an interview quickly turns into something very special when the veteran suggests, “Let’s just fire up the old Stearman and fly down to Peach State Aerodrome for lunch at Barnstormer’s Grill. Then we can fly back for an interview at my house.” Needless to say, nobody had to twist my arm.The grass airfield in Williamson, GA[Read More…]

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British Aviator Denis Payne (with goggles) was photographed with four of his flying mates during training in Americus at Souther Field.

A VETERAN’S STORY: The British Gentleman and His Southern Belle

After the downfall of France in WWII, the German Luftwaffe controlled the skies over Europe. Their next objective was to sweep the Royal Air Force from the blues as an essential prerequisite to Hitler’s invasion plans. The British government and military were painfully aware their precious resource of pilots was in limited supply and immediately expanded flight training. But a[Read More…]

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A VETERAN’S STORY: From Boy to Radio Man

A VETERAN’S STORY: From Boy to Radio Man

When asked why folks call him C.R., the interviewee responded, “Well, try to write down Clifford Robert McCullough on most documents and there just ain’t enough space.” Born and raised into a Rockdale County share-cropping family in 1933, C.R. McCullough experienced the Great Depression and tough times. “Dad finally found steady employment at the old Roger’s Grocery Store until they[Read More…]