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A closeup of Gentile and his steed. (photo via USAF)

The Last Flight of Don Gentile

This past Thursday marked the 64th anniversary of the tragic accident which claimed the life of legendary WWII fighter ace, Don Gentile. WarbirdsNews contributor, David Cohen, has investigated the causes behind Gentile’s crash, which also took the life of his passenger, Sgt.Gregory Kirsch. He has visited the accident site on a couple of occasions in the past two years, and we[Read More…]

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'Earthquake' Titus (in the back seat) lifts off in 'Lady Jo' exactly sixty years to the day when he made the last official USAF Mustang flight back on April 18th, 1955. (photo by Ron Close)

‘Earthquake’ Titus Flies A Mustang… Again

Back in mid-March, WarbirdsNews published a story about the last official USAF P-51 Mustang flight which took place on April 15th, 1955 with pilot Robert F. ‘Earthquake’ Titus at the controls (click HERE for the story). A California man, Leon DeLisle, wished to commemorate this significant occasion by recreating that final Mustang mission with ‘Earthquake’ Titus again in the cockpit of another P-51,[Read More…]

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"Earthquake" Titus and the F-51 he flew on the final official USAF Mustang flight. (photo via Titus)

General ‘Earthquake’ Titus to Recreate Final USAF Mustang Flight

On April 15th, 1955, Captain Robert F. ‘Earthquake’ Titus, fresh out of Test Pilot School, strapped himself into a North American F-51D Mustang at Naval Air Station El Centro. Titus was working with the Joint Parachute Test Group, and was about to take off on the very last official US Air Force  Mustang sortie. Now, exactly sixty years later, Titus[Read More…]

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A rare color image showing how Anson Johnson's highly modified Mustang looked at the 1949 Cleveland Air Races. This is how the NEAM will present the aircraft when the restoration is finished. (photo by Aaron King via NEAM)

Anson Johnson P-51D – Fall 2014 Restoration Update

WarbirdsNews has been following the restoration of the New England Air Museum’s uniquely modified P-51D air racer, which Anson Johnson flew during the Cleveland Air Races in the late 1940s. He actually won the 1948 Thompson Trophy race in this aircraft. NEAM is preserving the Mustang as close to her final configuration for the 1949 race as possible. One of the aspects of[Read More…]

A 325th FG P-51D Mustang at Lesina (photo via Tom Ricci)

Memorial Planned for “Checkertails of Lesina” – 325th FG in Italy

Lesina, a little town on the shores of Lake Lesina in south eastern Italy, played host to the P-51 Mustangs of the 325th Fighter Group, USAAF during the latter stages of WWII. Known as the “Checkertail Clan,” the men and machines of the 325th FG made a great impression on the local population, whom greeted them as liberators when they[Read More…]

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