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DAYTON, Ohio -- Lockheed F-104C Starfighter at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo)

F-104 Record

Fifty eight years ago today, a F-104C piloted by Lt William T. Smith and Einar K. Envoldson from the 538th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, zoomed to 103,395 feet setting a world altitude record. Designed as a supersonic superiority fighter, the F-104 was produced in two major versions. Armed with a six-barrel M-61 20mm Vulcan cannon, it served as a tactical fighter, and[Read More…]

The Italian Air Force celebrated the end of their Starfighter operations with a magnificently painted F-104S captured beautifully in this David Cenciotti photograph. To learn more about this amazing aeroplane, please click here.

Happy Birthday to the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter

Exactly sixty-two years ago today, the very first Lockheed Starfighter took to the skies over Edwards Air Force Base with legendary test pilot, Tony LeVier at the controls. Technically, it was not the first flight for the XF-104, but a brief hop about 5′ in the air during high speed taxiing tests in late February hardly counts as first flights[Read More…]

Four U.S. Air Force Century-series fighters in flight in 1957. These supersonic fighters were tested by the NACA Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base, California (USA). The aircraft visible are:
McDonnell F-101A-5-MC Voodoo (s/n 53-2430, top),
Lockheed XF-104A Starfighter (53-7786, left). This aircraft crashed on 11 July 1957 due to an uncontrollable tail flutter. The pilot, Bill Park, ejected safely,
Convair F-102A-20-CO Delta Dagger (53-1805, right),
North American F-100A-20-NA Super Sabre (53-1663, bottom). ( Image by NACA Dryden Flight Research Center via wikipedia)

The Century Series Fighters and the Conquest of an Unfriendly Sky

By Keegan Chetwynd, Director of the CAF Airpower Museum For those of us who love aviation history, there is a special reminiscence associated with the Century Series fighter aircraft, similar to how others reflect on the automobiles of the same era. Each of the aircraft in the series grew to become an icon. And though many continued in service with[Read More…]

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Norwegian CF-104D Starfighter December Update

Norwegian CF-104D Starfighter December Update

For much of the past year, WarbirdsNews has been following efforts in Norway to return a former Norwegian Air Force Lockheed CF-104D Starfighter back into flying condition. “Project 637″ came a step closer to completion in December when the restoration team received an important missing part, the main fuel hose assembly. Helge Andreassen, the restoration project manager, stated “Thanks to S&S Turbine Services Ltd,[Read More…]

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Palm Springs Air Museum’s F-104 Starfighter Unveiling

Palm Springs Air Museum’s F-104 Starfighter Unveiling

The Palm Springs Air Museum in Palm Springs, California will be holding a private dedication ceremony today commemorating three former F-104 Starfighter pilots with the unveiling of a freshly restored example of the famous “Missile With a Man In It”. World renowned artist, Stan Stokes contributed to the restoration, painting the Tactical Air Command patch on the vertical stabilizer, and[Read More…]