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A VETERAN’S STORY: Battle of the Heavyweights

A VETERAN’S STORY: Battle of the Heavyweights

By Pete Mecca Analogous to Mohammad Ali and Joe Frazier, Richard Ira “Dick” Bong and Thomas Buchanan McGuire were the heavyweight fighter jocks of World War II. Unlike Ali and Frazier, the two fighter aces were heavyweights due to their skills and kills behind the stick of the P-38 Lightning, not due to their physical stature or strength. Likewise, Bong[Read More…]

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Fredric Bryant served at Hahn Air Force Base in Germany repairing and refurbishing F-4 Phantom, Wild Weasles damaged in Vietnam (Photo via Pete Mecca)

A VETERAN’S STORY: The Men of Evans

By Pete Mecca Evans Tool and Die has set a new standard for honoring veterans in Rockdale, Newton and surrounding counties. Going far beyond a brief but appreciated “Thank you for your service,” Evans chose to present its veterans with a gift that will honor them into the foreseeable future. The company presented 11 employees who served in the military[Read More…]

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Russian paratroopers 'scooting off' a Tupolev TB-3. (Photo via Pete Mecca)

A VETERAN’S STORY: A Russian Officer and Pickle Soup

Armageddon is mentioned in the Book of Revelation as a reference to the final battle between the forces of good and evil. Religious scholars from Christianity to the Baha’i Faith have speculated the rival militaries will meet near Mt. Megiddo, an area dominated by the modern Israeli kibbutz of Megiddo neighboring the Kishon River. Located in northern Israel, this “final[Read More…]

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WaCo OG-41 Combat Glider ( Photo via Pete Mecca)

A VETERAN’S STORY: Flying Fabric and Piloting Plywood

By Pete Mecca Like a deadly cobra, colorful anti-aircraft tracers swivel and coil around your aircraft; the flak is thick as molasses, and you and your passengers are going down. The normal descent is 72 mph, landing speed around 60 mph, but at 49 mph your aircraft will stall and crash, killing everyone aboard. Your flimsy flying machine was made[Read More…]

Nose view of Consolidated B-24D Lady Be Good crash site. The plane made a surprisingly good pilotless belly landing and skidded 700 yards before breaking in half and stopping. (U.S. Air Force photo)

A VETERAN’S STORY: The Ghost Liberator — Lady Be Good

By Peter Mecca She was not appealing and handled like a long haul tractor/trailer with 18 flat tires. Historically treated as the red-headed stepchild of heavy bombers in World War II, especially when compared to the sleek and popular B-17 Flying Fortress, the B-24 Liberator was still a rugged aircraft and destined to become the most produced American bomber in[Read More…]