Alfred Price
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The Supermarine Spitfire from Britain has a significant area in aircraft history. It’s classic lines, regal nose and specific engine roar gives it a prestigious look and feel, despite the Hurricane’s status as the main work engine of the Britain Battle. Six decades after the battle in the air, which brought the Spitfire it’s fame, the aircraft still has it’s English countryside charms. This book by author Alfred Price is an expertly prepared volume with enough trivia and illustrations. Although not particularly a historical approach of the Spit, it gives enough coverage of the more important campaigns it’s been on. The Spitfire Story, rather, delves more into the evolution of this unique unit, from conception to execution, and eventual revisions. The author’s does a great job of reminding the reader how much the Spit is a product of visionary and engineering skill. It was brought to life thru a lot of determined labor. The circular wings, pretty to look at, was brought to life with practicality in mind. This aircraft was meant to function as a weapon, and the creator’s main goal was to make wings that are strong enough to serve as the platform for the artillery. Various folk were pivotal in the building, maintenance and repair of Spitfires, Among them R.J. Mitchell and the rest of his team. Members of the Royal Air Force officers, including its civil personnel were also key in testing the Spit, not to mention it’s pilots who ran test flights, factory workers who were on hand during actual air raids, it’s flight and ground crews who maintained flight logistics. The writer makes does a good job of making sure all the characters shine in their role as key players in the story of the Spitfire. If you are an enthusiast specifically of the Battle of Britain and World War II in general then owning this book is a must. Author Alfred Price delivers a book that triumphantly highlights the beauty and strength of the iconic Spitfire.

Reviewed by
John Webb