2200 West 35th Street Austin Texas United States
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In 1986, the Adjutant General\'s Department of Texas undertook to establish a museum and archival collection to tell the story of the Texas Military Forces. The following year the United States Army\'s Center for Miitary History sanctioned the creation of a military holding and museum to be located in Austin, Texas, at Camp Mabry, headquarters of the Texas Military Forces. Under the energetic leadership of Brigadier General John C.L. Scribner, work began to collect historic vehicles, artifacts and archival material for the proposed museum.In 1990, Major General William C. Wilson designated Building 6, originaly constructed in 1918 as a mess hall, as the museum\'s new home. Led by General Scribner, a group of talented and devoted volunteers raised the funds necessary to convert Building 6 into a museum. Working almost exclusively with a modest amout of donated funds, as well as their own tools and equipment, they designed and created the museum\'s exhibits. On November 14, 1992 the Texas Military Forces Museum opened to the public for the first time.Since its inception, the museum has amassed an impressive collection of historical material and now houses more that 10,000 three-dimensional artifacts, 6,000 books, 20,000 historic photographs, maore than three dozen historical military vehicles and artillery pieces, and over 600 linear feet of archival material. New items are added to this already significant collection each week.