135 South Highway 77 Augusta Kansas 67010 United States
(316) 775-1425
Our organization was first established in March 1990 as a Detachment of the Combat Air Museum of Topeka, Kansas. We began with 15 members, 1 display case and a small office at the Augusta Municipal Airport.Named as Combat Air Museum Det 1 we moved into an empty industrial building at 1304 Money Street in 1991. The organization was incorporated by the State of Kansas in May of 1992 and received our federal recognition by the Internal Revenue Service as a scientific and educational museum that fall. Soon after CAM Det 1 parted with Combat Air Museum and became the Augusta Air Museum. An offer to purchase our 16,500 sq ft present location for 1 dollar was accepted by the Williams Pipeline Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma on December 17, 1993.As the museum grew over the years so did our military donations. In fact, so much more than aviation donations that our board, in 2007, elected to change the museum\'s name to the Kansas Museum of Military History in order to better reflect the collections and exhibits.