5114 County Road 644 Bealeton Virginia 22712 United States
(540) 439-8661
Originally formed in 1970 using the name “Flying Circus Aerodrome”, a group of aviators decided to fly replicas of WWI aircraft to simulate the \"barnstorming\" activities of that post war period. However, this proved to be a daunting task as these rather fragile aircraft required a considerable amount of time, effort, and money to keep them flying. As a result, many members of that original group, worn out from the effort, decided to close down the operation.However, a core group of die-hard aviators refused to give up – they bought the rights to \"The Flying Circus\" and reorganized. This core group, using relatively newer and more robust aircraft like the Waco and Stearman primary trainers, became the founders of the present day \"Flying Circus\". This airshow has carried on since that time as a demonstration of the \"Golden Years of Flight\", which is characterized by the barnstorming era which came about in the years between the two World Wars.About all that has changed from that day to this, is that the Flying Circus has grown not only in its membership, but also in the variety and number of aircraft in our inventory. The aerial demonstrations, thrilling acts, and the ride hopping operations, which were central to the barnstorming era are still an essential part of our program.With the exception of the Flying Circus silver and black 450 hp Stearman, all of the the aircraft on the field are privately owned. And barring the occasional work or family commitment, their pilots bring them to the field to share them with the audience each year, from the first Sunday in May through the last Sunday in October.