5 Water Street Fall River Massachusetts 02722 United States
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A nonprofit maritime museum located on the waterfront in historic Fall River, Battleship Cove is one of Southeastern Massachusetts’ most popular tourist attractions. With its historic military vessels of local, national and international importance, Battleship Cove draws visitors from all over the world. Student groups, scouts, and other youth organizations seeking an engaging educational day trip or overnight camping experience are sure to find Battleship Cove a leading historical/cultural destination. THE CENTERPIECE OF THE WATERFRONTBattleship Cove, located on scenic Mt. Hope Bay, harbors the largest collection of preserved US Navy ships in the world. The fleet includes five National Historic Landmarks: Battleship USS Massachusetts, Destroyer USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., Submarine USS Lionfish, and PT Boats 617 and 796. Individually, each ship represents different moments in history and technical achievements; collectively, these vessels symbolize American sacrifices made in defense of our freedom. Battleship Cove is also home to numerous exhibits including the National PT Boat Museum, the National Destroyermen\'s Museum, and exhibitions to those who served on the USS SAINT PAUL and on Radar Picket Ships. The “Women Protecting US” exhibit, located on board the battleship, is a tribute to the service of women in wartime highlighting their contributions in science, math, medicine, engineering, and technology during WWII. Battleship Cove is a place of compelling educational experiences for the children of our communities and visiting youth groups. NEW EVOCATIVE EXPERIENCE TURNS BACK THE CLOCK TO DECEMBER 7, 1941Battleship Cove takes you back in time with “The Pearl Harbor Experience” at Battleship Cove. It seizes this seminal moment in our nation’s history and brings it to life. Through experiential programming that uses state-of-the-art special effects technology, Battleship Cove returns visitors to the day that committed America to war. Surrounded by the look, feel and sounds of 1941, you are immersed in period-appropriate details suggesting the island locale. Suddenly, you become an eyewitness to history and the action unfolds around you. Approaching planes roar, machine guns chatter, falling bombs explode and a torpedo streaks through the water toward the USS Massachusetts, which plays the part of the battleships actually moored at Pearl Harbor. It is Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, and you are there. “We are immensely proud of being the only historic ship site doing anything like this,” says Executive Director Brad King. “We are introducing an exciting new experience seldom found within the museum world, connecting the audience with those men and women whose lives were permanently changed by the attack.” PROMOTING DUTY, HONOR AND COUNTRYIn our ongoing efforts to fulfill our mission Battleship Cove offers a variety of relevant educational, recreational and community programs, events and resources under the direction of a professional staff, dedicated volunteers and a growing number of members, sponsors, and financial supporters.