RAF Transport Command Memorial

KG651 being deliver to DakotaAir. ( image by David Patters)

Dakotair Takes Delivery of Their First Douglas Dakota

The RAF Transport Command Memorial is dedicated to keeping the history of RAF Transport Command alive and relevant. As such, the team  formed Dakotair Ltd. to acquire a Douglas Dakota and certify it for carrying paying passengers. This is not at all an easy thing to do anywhere in Europe due to post-9/11 regulations, so it will be quite a[Read More…]

Picture taken in Normandy in 2012 from "Drag 'Em 'Oot" showing the Spirit of Kent Spitfire of Biggin Hill.

DakotaAir Will Bring Passenger Flights Back To The UK Honoring The RAF Transport Command

Established on 25 March 1943 by the renaming of the RAF Ferry Command, RAF Transport Command was the logistical arm of the RAF. During World War II, it at first ferried aircraft from factories to operational units and performed air transport. Thanks to the effort of an Englishman named David Patters and his team of passionate volunteers the work and[Read More…]