EAA Warbirds Of America

Participants in Bomber Camp will be learning and flying aboard the Collings Foundation's B-17G 'Nine-o-Nine'. (Photo by Richard Mallory Allnutt)

FAA Lifts Moratorium on Living History Flight Experiences

The Collings Foundation’s B-17G ‘Nine-o-Nine’ was exempted from the moratorium on “Living History Flight Experiences”, but other aircraft in the collection were not. Now with the moratorium lifted, hopefully Collings, along with many other warbird operators and potential operators will be able to share their vintage aeroplanes with the general public. (Photo by Richard Mallory Allnutt) The Experimental Aircraft Association[Read More…]

A Dustoff flight picking up wounded soldiers from the battlefield during the Viet Nam War.

Inspirational Warbirds in Review Session

Oscar Nominated actor, Gary Sinise, and Medal of Honor recipient, General Patrick Henry Brady, will participate in what promises to be one of the most inspirational Warbirds in Review fora ever presented at EAA AirVenture, Oshkosh. Gary Sinise is known to most of us as ‘Lieutenant Dan’, the character he played in the Oscar-winning film, Forrest Gump, and as ‘Mac[Read More…]

Aluminum Overcast Soared Over Lambeau, Video Taken From The Bomb Bay

Aluminum Overcast Soared Over Lambeau, Video Taken From The Bomb Bay

After all the sequestration wasn’t that bad for warbird operators. In fact since when the military flybys were stopped, along with air show appearances, due to the sequestration many warbird organizations replaced what the USAF and US NAVY  used to do. On November 26, 2013  the  EAA’s historic World War II B-17 bomber Aluminum Overcast performed a true first on[Read More…]