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Bronco 99+18 (G-ONAA) New Paint Being Applied

Bronco 99+18 (G-ONAA) New Paint Being Applied

Bronco 99+18 (G-ONAA) is in the paint shop and she should be able to roll out by the end of this month. As we reported here Bronco “99+18” is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2014, ready for the upcoming airshow season. Meanwhile the team is happy to announce the date for the third edition of the[Read More…]

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Air Battle Over Rabul At Planes of Fame

Air Battle Over Rabul At Planes of Fame

The topic for the February 1 Planes of Fame Air Museum   Living History Event  is ‘Air Battle Over Rabaul’, featuring the Douglas SBD Dauntless. Staff Sergeant Sidney H. Zimman, USMC. The SBD Dauntless, one of the two still airworty ( The other one being the CAF Dixie Wing) will be on display and perform a flight demonstration.Staff Sergeant Sidney H. Zimman was[Read More…]

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In January a little team travelled to the US to disassemble the Mustang and to prepare it for sea tranportation to Germany.

On 26th Feb the container doors opened again and for the first time "Louisiana Kid" could see its new Homebase, the Degerfeld. During the next couple of weeks the Mustang has been reassembeled and on 1st May 2013 it took off for the first time from Degerfeld!

A Louisiana Kid in Europe

This is not the latest news but it’s worth a quick write up. Warbirds News contributor Geoff Jones pictured the North American P-51D N6328T “Louisiana Kid” making one of its first aerial outings in Europe at Hahnweide, near Stuttgart, Germany ( Click HERE for our article) following its import to Germany from the USA. The aircraft was a fairly late-build[Read More…]

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Dusty Is Back!  Disney’s ‘Planes: Fire & Rescue’ The Official Trailer

Dusty Is Back! Disney’s ‘Planes: Fire & Rescue’ The Official Trailer

After the huge success of Disney’s ‘Planes’ in the summer of 2013, the sequel will fly to the theaters July 18, 2014.Walt Disney Pictures has debuted the first trailer for Planes: Fire & Rescue, a follow-up to the August release Planes, which earned $206.9 million worldwide on a $50 million budget.In the July 18, 2014 release, Dusty Crophopper (Dane Cook)[Read More…]

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B-17e “Desert Rat” Restoration Project Update

B-17e “Desert Rat” Restoration Project Update

Mike Kellner, with much assistance from Chris Gibson, has just completed the arduous task of installing the top turret shroud on the Desert Rat.  The tolerances required were exacting.  In combat, the flight engineer manned this position.  ItsYourAirplane.com, the corporate sponsor of this restoration, sells an amazing account of one such individual. The restoration of B-17E 41-2595 is underway in[Read More…]

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