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My Sky Cart's authentic airline galley trolly marked in Pan American World Airways livery would make a fine addition to any aviation aficionado's home. (photo via

My SkyCart – PanAm Heritage Cart

As WarbirdsNews readers will be well aware from previous articles, we are privileged to have had sponsorship from this past year. MySkyCart produces an array of aviation-themed, authentic airline galley carts, which also have a duel use as a functional, mobile storage unit and/or conversation piece in the home. We have shown you some of their warbird-themed pieces already, but thought[Read More…]

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The American Flight Museum's AC-47 gunship 'Spooky' seen at an air show a few years ago. (photo by Richard Mallory Allnutt)

MySkyCart – Warbird Sponsorship Program

As with almost every entity involved in vintage aviation, we all need sponsors, and WarbirdsNews has been happy to receive a little help from The company produces a cool line of custom storage carts based upon the trusty airline galley service cart. As we mentioned in a previous article HERE, a couple of their products have a warbird theme. But now[Read More…]

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AVI-8 Launches Flyboy LaFayette Edition

AVI-8 Launches Flyboy LaFayette Edition

Many of the 38 Americans who flew with the French in the Lafayette Escadrille were household names across the United States during WWI. They became famous dueling ‘the Hun’ in the skies over France and Belgium, first joining the fight in May, 1916,  when the war seemed remote and romantic to many back home, and well before the US officially entered the Great[Read More…]

Another of MySkyCart's WWII pinup-themed airline trolleys standing in front of the DC-3 which served as the inspiration for the aluminum skinned texture and look of the design.

MySky SkyCart to Showcase the Unparalleled 
Style of WWII Nose Art

WarbirdsNews welcomes a new partner, The company manufactures airline galley carts which you might not immediately associate with vintage military aviation, but they have a new line of products decorated with airline and vintage WWII nose art which are sure to intrigue many of our readers. The SkyCart is designed and built for use as an airline galley cart, however the company found that[Read More…]

Wing Commander Robert Stanford Tuck DSO, DFC & Two Bars, AFC (1 July 1916 – 5 May 1987) was a British fighter pilot and test pilot.Tuck had claimed 29 enemy aircraft destroyed, two shared destroyed, six probably destroyed, six damaged and one shared damaged.

AVI-8 Honors RAF Ace in New FLYBOY Series

By Stephen Chapis The watchmakers at AVI-8 continue to turn out quality timepieces and the new Flyboy series does not disappoint.  Within this series are three distinct ranges, including one that pays homage to an esteemed World War II Ace from the Royal Air Force. The AV 4048 Flyboy “Tuck” Automatic Edition pays a small tribute to one Robert Stanford[Read More…]