B-17E “Desert Rat”

B-17E ‘Desert Rat’ – April Restoration Update

B-17E ‘Desert Rat’ – April Restoration Update

WarbirdsNews has received a few details about the ongoing restoration of B-17E Flying Fortress 41-2595 known as “Desert Rat”. We thought our readers would be interested in seeing some photographs of their latest progress. This project is a truly amazing feat of perseverance, whose story will probably one day fill a book. There really is too much detail about the[Read More…]

Picture by Bruce Johnson of , the official corporate sponsor of the Desert Rat Restoration.

B-17E “Desert Rat” Restoration Update

  A new benchmark has been reached for the Desert Rat, B-17e Flying Fortress restoration.  The “turtle deck” is now fully sheathed in aluminum.  Due to extremely cold temperatures, work in the hanger has slowed, but we are able to stay productive fabricating needed Plexiglas units in the heated shop.