Russian paratroopers 'scooting off' a Tupolev TB-3. (Photo via Pete Mecca)

A VETERAN’S STORY: A Russian Officer and Pickle Soup

Armageddon is mentioned in the Book of Revelation as a reference to the final battle between the forces of good and evil. Religious scholars from Christianity to the Baha’i Faith have speculated the rival militaries will meet near Mt. Megiddo, an area dominated by the modern Israeli kibbutz of Megiddo neighboring the Kishon River. Located in northern Israel, this “final[Read More…]

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WaCo OG-41 Combat Glider ( Photo via Pete Mecca)

A VETERAN’S STORY: Flying Fabric and Piloting Plywood

By Pete Mecca Like a deadly cobra, colorful anti-aircraft tracers swivel and coil around your aircraft; the flak is thick as molasses, and you and your passengers are going down. The normal descent is 72 mph, landing speed around 60 mph, but at 49 mph your aircraft will stall and crash, killing everyone aboard. Your flimsy flying machine was made[Read More…]

3D scanners are tri-dimensional measurement devices used to capture real-world objects or environments so that they can be remodeled or analyzed in the digital world.

AirCorps Aviation Launches Aeroscan, 3D Laser Scanning Technology

With the world’s fleet of affordable, airworthy aircraft aging, owners and operators are continually facing the challenge of obtaining replacement parts to keep them flying. When the original manufacturer no longer exists, or has discontinued a certain part, maintenance groups must find a way to reverse engineer and refabricate that item, often as a one-off product. Making sure that the newly-made part conforms[Read More…]

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Allied Jet Killers of World War 2

Allied Jet Killers of World War 2

In 2013, Warbird Digest Associate Editor & WarbirdsNews contributor Stephen Chapis interviewed World War II fighter pilots who had shot down Luftwaffe jets over Europe. These interviews were for a simple magazine article, but after hearing the stories from Dr. Roscoe Brown (332nd FG: 1 Me 262), Wayne Coleman (78th FG: 1 Me 262), and Huie Lamb (78th FG: 1 Me 262[Read More…]

A formation of F-14A Tomcats of Fighter Squadrons VF-51 Screaming Eagles and VF-111 Sundowners, and F-5E/F Tiger II's of the Navy Fighter Weapons School. These units represented a vital part of the U.S. Navy's participation in the 1986 feature-film "TOPGUN", providing the aerial dogfighting sequences that were a defining trademark of this movie. Note the fictitious markings on the tail of at least one of the F-14's.

A Look Back at Top Gun

By Hill Goodspeed Historian Historian, National Naval Aviation Museum Article originally written for the Sextant More than thirty years ago, stunning footage of F-14 Tomcats flashed across the silver screen and moviegoers were introduced to the high-speed operations and culture of naval aviation through the characters “Maverick,” “Goose,” “Iceman,” and “Charlie.” The release of the movie Top Gun on May[Read More…]

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