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A VETERAN’ STORY: A Progeny of Aviators

By Pete Mecca. Arranging an interview quickly turns into something very special when the veteran suggests, “Let’s just fire up the old Stearman and fly down to Peach State Aerodrome for lunch at Barnstormer’s Grill. Then we can fly back for an interview at my house.” Needless to say, nobody had to twist my arm.The grass airfield in Williamson, GA[Read More…]

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AVI-8 Introduces the Lancaster Series

AVI-8 Introduces the Lancaster Series

Leather jackets.  Sunglasses.  Silk scarves.  Big watches.  Clichés though they might be, these items are historically must-haves for pilots.  In the case of the latter, pilots have a multitude of choices from Citizen and Tag Heuer to Brietling and Bremont, all of which add style and class to any wearer whether they are in cockpit or ready room.  However, there[Read More…]

Red Canoe, a Brand Born From Passion for Aviation

Red Canoe, a Brand Born From Passion for Aviation

It is a well known that most aviation enthusiasts collect aviation-themed items of one sort or another.  Who hasn’t gone to an air show or museum without coming away with a special memento or three? Whether it be t-shirts, hats, patches, or other aviation-related ephemera, there is usually something for every wallet range.  However, finding high-quality items for a reasonable[Read More…]

British Aviator Denis Payne (with goggles) was photographed with four of his flying mates during training in Americus at Souther Field.

A VETERAN’S STORY: The British Gentleman and His Southern Belle

After the downfall of France in WWII, the German Luftwaffe controlled the skies over Europe. Their next objective was to sweep the Royal Air Force from the blues as an essential prerequisite to Hitler’s invasion plans. The British government and military were painfully aware their precious resource of pilots was in limited supply and immediately expanded flight training. But a[Read More…]

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Col. (Ret.) Joe Latham, previously an F-4 Phantom pilot from Holloman Air Force Base, N.M., stops Sept. 13, 2016, to reminisce next to the F-4 adorned with his name Sept. 13, 2016, at Holloman AFB’s Heritage Park. Latham’s visit was part of Holloman’s annual Phantom Society Tour where 160 aircraft enthusiasts, including veterans and non-veterans with aviation backgrounds, visit various base locations. The tour included an F-16 Fighting Falcon briefing and static display, travel to Holloman’s High Speed Test Track, the opportunity to view QF-4s and F-16s in flight, and a visit to Heritage Park to view displays of various aircraft historically stationed at Holloman AFB. (U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Matthew McGovern)

F-4 Pilot, MiG-21 Destroyer, Tells Story

Two F-4 Phantom IIs flew in a triangular pattern behind a Douglass B-66 Destroyer, escorting the slow-moving light bomber on a radar jamming mission. During the operation, the skies were clear with a few scattered clouds 35 miles north of Hanoi, Vietnam on Nov. 5, 1966.The F-4 pilots nervously scanned the skies ahead of them a mile apart, armed with[Read More…]

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