The first attempt to locate these WWII aircraft was unsuccessful but Epps was determined to succeed. Epps was an active member of, and eventually led, the Greenland Expedition Society (GES) team on another six trips to the ice cap over the next 11 years.

Arctic P-38 Lightning Mission Recovery Keeps Going

By Austin Hancock In 2014, we reported on Ken McBride’s mission to continue recovery of the “Lost Squadron” of P-38s, in Greenland (click HERE). Today, we are just as excited as he is to bring you an update to said report. When we last checked in with the mission, Ken was seeking volunteers for a summer 2014 Greenland expedition, with[Read More…]

The left wing of the Mustang clearly showing the Italian Air Force roundel.

Italian Air Force F-51D Mustang Recovered From Lake Garda

On December 2nd, as reported by Giornaledbrescia, the Associazione Volontari del Garda (Garda Volunteers Association) recovered the substantial remains of an Italian Air Force F-51D Mustang from Lake Garda in northern Italy. This aircraft crashed into the lake on August 7th, 1951 following engine problems, sadly taking the life of its pilot, Lt. Paolo Tito. The Garda Volunteers had originally rediscovered wreck in April,[Read More…]

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Lucky Lady during the dismantling process this April in Franklin, Virginia. (photo via Reevers)

Neglected B-25 to Resettle in Australia

For more than a decade, a forlorn B-25J Mitchell 44-31508 has sat more or less abandoned and exposed to nature at an airfield in Franklin, Virginia. Many have tried in vain to do something positive to help the aircraft, but a complicated legal dispute has made doing so next to impossible for a very long time. And so the tired bomber has sat,[Read More…]

Work is carried on around the Super Constellation. (Qantas Founders Museum photo)

Qantas Founders Museum Super Constellation Progress

Back in September, 2014, WarbirdsNews reported on the Qantas Founders Museum in Queensland, Australia as having successfully acquired a Lockheed Super Constellation for its collection (read HERE). The aircraft has been quietly mouldering away for the past twenty five years in a disused part of the Manila International Airport in Manila, Philippines. Due to its somewhat dilapidated condition and remote location, the Qantas[Read More…]

Work continues on Columbine II in Marana, Arizona. (photo by Gregg T. Williams via Dynamic Aviation)

Columbine II – Update

WarbirdsNews has another brief update on progress with Dynamic Aviation‘s evaluation of VC-121A Constellation Columbine II in Marana, Arizona. In a recent email to Columbine II’s owners, Dynamic Aviation’s Karl Stoltzfus stated, “We have found the airframe to be in quite good condition with very little corrosion but with the normally expected things that you would find with an airplane that was[Read More…]

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