War Eagles Air Museum

War Eagles Air Museum’s P-38L-5-LO

War Eagles Air Museum’s P-38L-5-LO

Elena Early DePree reports. The War Eagles Air Museum based in Santa Teresa, NM has a wonderful collection of aircraft, two in particular stand out:  a TF-51 Mustang which is the only TEMCO TF-51 still in existence and a marvelous P-38L. The history of War Eagles Air Museum’s Lockheed P-38 Lightning, unfortunately, is not documented as well as the museum[Read More…]

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Image by Elena early DePree

The War Eagles Air Museum’s FJ-2 Fury

By Elena Early DePree The “FJ-2 Fury” was the Navy version of the F-86. These airplanes were delivered to the Navy in the autumn of 1952. After the Korean Conflict, the construction contract was reduced to 200 and all “FJ-2s” were assigned to the Marine Corps. Elena Early DePree takes a closer look to the history and development of the[Read More…]

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