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The US Navy EC-121 “Warning Star” captured in 2015.

The Warning Star Rescue Project

By Austin Hancock Belleville, MI – The Yankee Air Force/Museum, known for operating a gorgeous outfit of WWII “heavy iron,” is seeking to add to their ever unique collection of aircraft. Along with the B-17, B-25, and C-47 flying, the YAF has an arsenal of static display planes which is equally impressive. The ground-based birds include a PB4Y-2 “Privateer,” and[Read More…]

Planned entrance to the new site at RAF Museum, opening 2018 to celebrate 100 years of the Royal Air Force.

RAF Centenary Exhibition: Behind the scenes

The RAF Museum is busy developing it’s London site and preparing exhibits for the RAF Centenary next year  One of the areas in the new exhibition will be a timeline covering 100 years of the RAF.  Like the exhibition itself, it will not be looking to tell you the whole history of the RAF but will be taking events, some[Read More…]

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The “Biggest Little Airshow” Returns

The “Biggest Little Airshow” Returns

Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor’s popular remote control Biggest Little Airshow in Hawaii is back for its tenth year, Saturday and Sunday, June 3 and 4, 10am to 4pm. Guests will be able to drive on to Ford Island for this event, or take the free shuttle from the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. Parking is free. A family favorite, the[Read More…]

After learning aeronautics and aviation basics, plan a flight and perform preflight checkouts in a real airplane, these girls take their trip on a flight simulator in the Museum's Aviation Learning Center.

Museum Continues to Expand Educational Offerings and Aerospace Programming

The Museum of Flight’s ambitious four-year campaign has successfully exceeded its goal. Now with a stronger financial foundation, the Museum will continue with equally bold plans in education and service to the community. As the Pacific Northwest evolves as not only a leader in aviation and but in spaceflight too, the Museum will remain one of the world’s great institutions[Read More…]

The RAF Centenary Anthology

The RAF Centenary Anthology

The RAF Museum is proud to announce the launch of the RAF Centenary Anthology, a handmade, limited edition of 1,500 books of which 250 are signed exemplary copies.Forged in the crucible of the First World War, the Royal Air Force will commemorate its Centenary on 1 April, 2018.The story of the RAF has shaped the modern world. By inspiring technological[Read More…]

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