Heritage Flight performed during the 2013 airshow.( Image by Gavin Conroy)

Australian Government Brings in New Regulations for Warbirds

As reported by Australian on Friday, Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester announced ex-military, replica ex-military and certain historic aircraft would be covered under a new Part 132 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR). Part 132 will commence on January 28 2017, with transition to the new regulation required by July 28 2017, and replaces the[Read More…]

The lineup of vintage military aircraft spanning the history of 4 Squadron RAAF from WWI until WWII. (photo by Matt Savage)

4 Squadron RAAF: Celebrating A Centenary – 1916 – 2016

4 Squadron RAAF: Celebrating A Centenary 1916 – 2016 by Matt Savage On October 16, 2016, No. 4 Squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force celebrates the 100th Anniversary of its activation as a unit of the Australian Flying Corps (AFC). The unit has served with distinction during the Great War, the Second World War, and more recently in the[Read More…]

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A recent image of the Rathmines Catalina Memorial Park Association PBY under restoration in RAAF 'Black Cat' colors. She's come a long way since lying abandoned for many years in Puerto Rico. (photo RCMPA via Phil Buckley)

Downunder PBY – Restoration Report from Rathmines, Australia

A couple of years ago, our intrepid Antipodean reporter, Phil Buckley, wrote a story for us about a dedicated team restoring a tired and weatherbeaten PBY Catalina in Rathmines, Australia. Rathmines Park, nestled beside Lake Macquarie in New South Wales was once home to the largest RAAF flying boat base. As such, the local community wished to commemorate their storied past, with[Read More…]

Adrian Deeth's MiG-21 on the back of a low-loader. (image by Phil Buckley)

Aussie MiG-21U Mongul-B Status Update

by Phil Buckley Last year WarbirdsNews revealed the West Australian MiG-21U project belonging to jet warbird enthusiast, Adrian Deeth. As some may recall, Adrian’s jet is a twin seater trainer version of the famous Soviet fighter, and will be fifty years old in 2016. Formerly operated by the Egyptian Air Force it entered the civilian warbird world first in the[Read More…]

The Werribee B-24 (photo via Phil Buckley)

Aussie B-24M Liberator Restoration Update – April, 2016

A72-175 B-24M Liberator Update – April 2016 by Phil Buckley In the small town of Werribee near Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, a remarkable restoration project is taking place to resurrect the last surviving Consolidated B-24 Liberator to serve with the Royal Australian Air Force. As we have reported previously (see linked articles below), the B-24 Liberator Memorial Australia group has been hard at[Read More…]